GPS Photography | Where will it take you  
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GPS Photography


Welcome to my site. This web page has been set up into categories to showcase some of my more recent photos.

I use photography as a means to relax and just see things in a different light. It allows me time to wander both physically and mentally.

I'm not sure what type of photography to concentrate on at this stage, so, ......
anything goes, I guess.

"GPS Photography | Where will it take you"



Glenelg Sunset Landscapes

This section is divided into various types of landscapes. Living near the beach, it tends to be my main focus.

Kate Portraits

I'm still working on this area of photography. I am happy for any tips and suggestions.

Lovers Street Photography

Sometimes it's just nice to go wandering around the streets, both day and evening taking photos.

Venice Holiday Photography

Ciao Italy

Thank you

I would like to thank all those that allowed me to take photos of them, from strangers to friends and family.

My Back Yard

I'm lucky to be living in Glenelg, one of the premier beachside suburbs in Adelaide, South Australia. This allows me the opportunity to do some spectacular sunset photography.

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